Store Owners

This is your opportunity to sell/advertise your products on your own web site. Increase your current customer base. Our web site will provide you with a flexible and professional solution that will give shoppers the confidence to buy from you on-line.

An administration access area will provide you with complete control over all the information on your web site. Update your site any time you want or need to. Updates are applied instantly. You will also be able to manage orders on-line through your administrative web site. Contact customers with questions, notify them of payments received, shipping dates, tracking information or order cancellations.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I sign up my store to be included in

Contact i.t.Interactive at or call us at 920-288-2167.

2. What type of information can I update on my web site?

You can update virtually all information on the site with the exception of navigation images and the web site format. You can update the news items, faqs, contact us, terms, security, privacy, product categories, product descriptions, product images, pricing, shipping options, product options, customer information, newsletters, discount information, product review and store configuration options. Our administrative pages provide you with easy to use, point and click web pages that will update your web site. Updates occur real time! No waiting for someone else to update your web site. You can update your web site any time you want or need to!

3. How do I process orders from my web site?

When a customer submits an order, you will receive an email message notifying you of the order. You will then use your administrative site to review the order, contact the customer with questions, ship the order, invoice your order, finalize the order or cancel the order. Your customer is notified of each step along the way. The web site will send email messages notifying the customer of the order status and allow them to track the order status.

4. Do I need to accept credit cards on-line to accept orders?

Not necessarily. By setting your own payment options, you can process order payments via credit card, check or in person. You can also set up an account with or These services will allow you to accept credit card payments without the expense of establishing a merchant account. These services will charge you a transaction fee, but it is typically less than a credit card merchant account. If you do accept credit cards, you will need to contact your credit card company to set up a merchant account. The merchant account will allow you to accept credit card charges on-line. Once you are set up, contact us at and we will help set up the web site to process the credit cards.

If you currently accept credit cards and do not want the expense of a merchant account or PayPal/2CheckOut, you do have another option. Accept credit cards on-line. When you receive an order, simply process the card through your retail store's charge card machine. Record the approval number, issue a receipt to the customer and process the order. When the volume dictates on-line validation and credit processing, then pursue automatic processing through a merchant account.

5. What if I don't want to sell on-line? I only want to advertise my products.

No problem. The web site is set up for you to do just that! Go into your administrative site and set up the web site to run in "Catalog Only" mode. This option essentially disables the shopping cart features on the web site. Customers will still be able to browse your products, but they will not be given the opportunity to purchase products on-line. Once you are ready to accept orders on-line, just turn off the "Catalog Only" mode and the shopping cart is ready to go.


Our pricing is simple and straightforward. Please contact us with any questions.

Monthly Hosting:

Starting at $35.00 per month
  Hosting fees will be billed quarterly
  Products - You will be limited to 500 products per store. Additional hosting charges apply for stores that wish to exceed the 500 product limit. Add $10 per month for each block of 500 products. i.e. Increase your product limit to 1500 products for an additional $20.00 per month.
Domain Registration: A yearly registration fee is required to maintain your unique domain name
  Pricing ranges from $20.00 to $35.00 per year depending on how many years you register for at one time
Setup Fees: Starting at $350.00
Standard Setup: Initial setup of store parameters (name, address, email, shipping options, credit card options,…)
  Incorporation of company logo and basic color scheme.
  Two hours of training for administrative functions (establish product categories, setup products, add images, news, faqs, site text,…). Training is included on-site, within a 10 mile radius of Ripon. Travel charges will apply outside the 10 mile radius.
Other Services Available: Product Entry (contact us for a free quote)
  Digital Photography and Entry (contact us for a free quote)
  Web site customization (contact us for a free quote)


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